Word-Character Count

By using the word counter tool, you do not have to use an extra program for all checking of your texts. It helps you to control the general statistical data of the texts you have prepared from one place, in a healthy way. You can use the practical word counter tool from all desktop and mobile operating systems. You can do text statistics evaluation online via all web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Explorer.

How to Use Word Counter?

You can use the Word Counter tool, where you can easily check all the statistics about your texts, quickly and practically. Copy your text from where you wrote it so that you can make a statistical evaluation of your texts. Then paste it into the "text" section in the Word Counter tool. Click “Count” to see statistical data. Statistics data are instantly indicated separately at the top of the text. There is no word limit in the word counter tool. It is possible to check instant word statistics from 1 word to tens of thousands of words in a practical way online on the tool.

What Does the Word Counter Do?

You can check the statistical data of your texts in the Word Counter tool without paying any fee. Accordingly, by using the Word Counter tool, with the text control you will do; You can check the statistics data in the form of words, characters, characters without spaces, paragraphs. Word-character counter tool successfully calculates word, character and paragraph numbers with 100% accuracy.

There are all text data such as novels, blog posts, Twitter/Instagram/Facebook posts, website content, essays, books that you can check in the Word Counter tool. By using the Word Counter tool, you can maximize your typing efficiency. Thanks to the statistical audits you will make, you can make important improvements in your articles on the following topics;

  • Legibility
  • keyword density
  • Text introduction, development and conclusion structure


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